What Is Inattentive Driving Monitor?

Everything You Should Know About Inattentive Driving Monitor

Imagine You are on a long road trip with your friends. There should be some fun, some distractions. But do you ever think you became a threat to yourself in this way? As science progresses day by day, AI steps in to prevent possible collisions and save your lives. Read on the blog post by Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ, to learn how inattentive driving monitor works.

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What Is a Driver Monitoring System?  

It has two cameras mounted into a single unit to give a clear view of the driver’s cabin and this is aimed at the driver’s face. The system monitors by analyzing the driver’s head and eye position. You get a clear idea about the driver – may it be any signs of distraction, sleep, phone use, yawning, or anything. If you face any of these distractions, this real-time system will act. It will send alerts to you to be attentive and to take proper measures to prevent collisions.  

Benefits of the Inattentive Driver Monitor System  

Daydreaming or losing focus is so common while driving. Studies show that most accidents occur because of drivers’ carelessness. So, it’s very fortunate to get technology that snaps you back to reality when you lose focus while driving. This system uses an advanced algorithm that helps to detect any distractions from the driver. Sounds great, right? Even at nighttime, you don’t have to worry. It uses infrared vision, so in low visibility cases, it can provide alerts. Truck companies are the target area for this technology, but if you are not confident about your driving skill, it may help you.

Dashboard view of the 2022 Mercedes-AMG GLC 43

Future of Driver Monitoring System  

The future of driver monitoring systems is very bright. Auto manufacturers plan to detect the leading cause behind drivers’ drowsiness. It seems like a fairytale, right? But this day is not so far away. Advanced systems are preparing to focus on driver health and comfort. They  

are concentrated on detecting any abnormalities in heart rate. If this happens, the ability to call a doctor on the road guides the driver to a hospital. Not only this, but this day is also not far from when this system will be upgraded to understand passengers’ comfort levels and how to cope with human behavior. Though DMS mainly focuses on safety, the demand will increase naturally as it becomes famous worldwide. It will improve the entire driving experience.

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