What Is The Difference Between GT3 And GT4 Racing?

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What Is The Difference Between GT3 And GT4 Racing?

After nearly 150 years of automotive innovation, the racing community has become vast, vague, and confusing. Especially with the introduction of the Mercedes-AMG GT4 when the Mercedes-AMG GT3 was just unveiled, it has a lot of Mercedes-Benz fans wondering, “what is the difference between GT3 and GT4 racing?”

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GT Racing History

When street-car automobile racing was first organized, it was known was called GT1 Racing, with GT of course standing for Grand Touring. Because there weren’t many different kinds of cars and drivetrain setups that could be used in the early 1900s, there was never a problem until the 1980s when GT Racing had to be expanded to include different weight and engine size classes. GT1 remained the highest level of racing until the late 1990s when it died out, leaving only a couple handfuls of Frankenstein classes.


The general idea of GT2 is that it consists of professional, private race cars. GT2 has lost much of its popularity since the 1990s though and now barely exists, more so as a cross between GT2 and GT3.


GT3 is a designed as a mix between professional and amateur racers. This gives everyone a chance to make their mark on history.

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GT4 is a league designed for amateur racers only. The cars are smaller and much slower than any other standard class.

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Other Classes

Automobile racing exists all over the world. There are many other classes of race cars. GT classes are still the most popular, but they all kind of look the same and they are all more than fast. If you have any questions about the differences between GT2, GT3, or GT4 class racing, leave a comment below.