2019 S-Class Sedan side view

What does the ECO Assist System do in the new S-Class Sedan Hybrid?

2019 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S560e Hybrid Plug-in ECO Assist System

A new-generation plug-in hybrid is the latest addition to the stunning Mercedes-Benz S-Class lineup. The new plug-in hybrid sedan will be available in U.S. showrooms sometime mid-2019, as more drivers continue to choose hybrid and electric cars over traditional gas models. The hybrid will be equipped with a new Intelligent Operating Strategy, ECO Assist, to promote efficient driving. Continue reading to find out more about the 2019 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S560e Hybrid Plug-in ECO Assist System 

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ECO Assist

ECO Assist is an intelligent operating strategy, ECO Assist provides comprehensive support to drivers to reinforce and encourage efficient driving. For example, the driver is alerted when it is appropriate to release the accelerator when approaching a stop sign or reduced-speed limit zone, and is assisted by innovative functions like recuperation and gliding. 

The ECO Assist system also communicates when the hybrid is switching from all-electric power to gas power. A variable point of resistance in the pedal signals to the driver that maximum electric output is being delivered, and if the driver continues to press the pedal beyond the resistance point, the combustion engine kicks in. 

2019 S-Class S560e in Silver
2019 S-Class Hybrid Sedan ECO Assist Display
2019 S-Class S560e Charge Port

ECO Assist also promotes anticipatory driving by networking and processing information from the sedan’s intelligent safety sensors, navigation data, and traffic sign recognition. ECO Assist takes the following traffic situations and information into account in its efficiency strategy and driving recommendations: 

  • Route profile (bends, junctions, roundabouts) 
  • Speed limits 
  • Distance from vehicles ahead 

The system’s on-board computer records how many miles/how much time during a trip the car has been driven with the engine switched off and shows this in the central display to motivate drivers to follow the recommendations of ECO Assist. Drivers are rewarded with reduced fuel consumption and an increased electric range. 

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