Scottsdale AZ Summer Fun Activities 2016

Things to do in the Arizona Heat in August!

Scottsdale AZ Summer Fun Activities 2016

There are some days in Scottsdale that are simply too hot to leave the house. Because of this, it is important that we take advantage of the tolerable days by exploring our communities and participating in local events! If you are looking for affordable ways to get out of the house this summer, we are here to help you! These summer fun activities in Scottsdale AZ are the best smile opportunities for 2016.

McDowell Mountain Ranch Aquatic & Fitness Center

Don’t let the F word in the name scare you. The McDowell Ranch features a ton of aquatic fun and a day pass only costs $5, or $3 if you are a Scottsdale resident! At the ranch, you will find water slides, diving boards, spray pads, and a lazy river revolving around Party Island, perfect for cabriolet drivers!

McDowell Mountain Ranch Skate Park

If you aren’t interested in wet water, McDowell Mountain Ranch also has a skate park that is open to the public, so long as you are riding a skateboard or in-line roller skates. It features 16,000 square feet of skating area and sinks down 10 feet in the middle of the bowl, which is too deep for the G-Class, so don’t try it.

Wedge Skate Park

Located in Eldorado Park, Wedge Skate Park is even bigger than the McDowell Ranch one with 20,000 square feet of skating area. Both parks are open until 10:30 PM and do not cost a thing. That is until you get blood in your new CLA!

Art Walk

Every Thursday, you will find art as far as the eye can see through downtown Scottsdale. Whether you are just looking, refurnishing your home, or hungry, come to the artwalk from 7:00 – 9:00 PM. If you have any questions about these cheap summer activities in Scottsdale AZ for 2016, leave a comment below!