2019 MB GLS exterior front fascia and passenger side at lakeside

Vehicle tax deduction for business owners in Scottsdale, AZ

When you think ‘business vehicle,’ a Mercedes-Benz vehicle may not immediately come to mind. Sure, there are the Sprinter and Metris vans, but other than that, people more often think about the luxury and performance of a Mercedes-Benz model, not how great they can be for small businesses. However, many small business owners use larger SUVs for their company. Now, businesses can have a tax deduction for their business vehicle. Check out the details below!

 Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Scottsdale

While Scottsdale isn’t nearly as busy as Phoenix, it can still get pretty crazy. With all of the traffic, heat, and general clamor of the streets, it can be difficult to keep a positive attitude during the workday. So, finding a company vehicle that can keep its occupants comfortable during the day can be important.  That is why if you find yourself in need of a vehicle for your business, then you may want to consider getting a Mercedes-Benz model. It can provide comfort and convenience in your day while still having the space and power needed for your company vehicle.

Thankfully, you now have an opportunity to get your hands on a Mercedes-Benz model!  This opportunity comes from Section 179 of the IRS Code. While restrictions do apply, you still might want to check it out. As you may get from the title of this blog, Section 179 deals with tax deductions for your business vehicle.

Learn more about this exciting tax deduction here!

2019 MB GLS exterior front fascia and passenger side in white room

2019 MB GLS SUV exterior front fascia and drivers side in grey and white room

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