Vision Mercedes Simplex concept vehicle exterior front fascia and driver side on wooden platform

What is the Vision Mercedes Simplex concept vehicle?

Sometimes we have to take a moment in our day to enjoy the endlessly creative concept vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz brand. So, it’s time to take a look at the Vision Mercedes Simplex, and what makes this model so interesting. Check it out!

What is the Vision Mercedes Simplex concept vehicle based on?

The Vision Mercedes Simplex concept vehicle is based on the motorized carriage look that this illustrious brand started out with its 1901 Mercedes 35 PS. This particular model captured the attention of everyone with its unique look and style. It also made history at the Nice to La Turbie racetrack, which would later become the Mercedes-Benz International Design Center Europe. Now, Mercedes-Benz heralds back to this history with the Simplex concept vehicle’s iconic carriage. Take a look at the photos below to see how this bold style becomes electrified with modern technology!

Will the Vision Mercedes Simplex become a normal production vehicle?

As far as we know, the Vision Mercedes Simplex will not become a normal production vehicle. Or at least not anytime soon. However, as we know from the Mercedes-Benz EQC, there are many models that started out only as concept models before making that final leap, so who knows? We certainly are looking forward to seeing what becomes of the Simplex!

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Vision Mercedes Simplex concept vehicle with man in seat front fascia driver sideScottsdale, AZ, Mercedes dealers

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