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What Are the Features of the Mercedes-Benz 9G-TRONIC Transmission?

Mercedes-Benz is known for its quality and innovation. Their luxurious interiors are feature-rich and offer drivers and passengers comfort and convenience. But what really makes Mercedes-Benz special is its performance. One of the most impressive offerings from Mercedes-Benz is its 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission. With the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission, drivers will experience a smoother and more efficient drive. It’s no surprise that Mercedes-Benz is offering an innovation that will improve performance, comfort, and efficiency. Read more to learn about the 9G-TRONIC transmission from Mercedes-Benz.

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What is the Mercedes-Benz 9G-TRONIC Transmission?

The 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission offers smoother shifting for a more comfortable drive. The nine-gear transmission also improves fuel economy dramatically, with a reduction of fuel consumption around 6.5 percent. The 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission from Mercedes-Benz is the world’s first automatic transmission to feature a hydrodynamic torque converter. The transmission transfers torque using a fluid, rather than a mechanical clutch. The nine-gear transmission features three selectable driving modes, including Eco, Dynamic, and Manual, which allows drivers to shift their own gears using the steering-wheel mounted paddle shifters. Despite the nine gears, the 9G-TRONIC transmission is lightweight and compact, made of aluminum alloy. This reduced size also adds to fuel efficiency.

9g-tronic automatic transmission mercedes-benz

How does the Mercedes-Benz 9G-TRONIC Transmission work?

The 9G-TRONIC, an upgrade from the legendary and innovative 7G-TRONIC, utilizes a similar drive program, keeping engine revs low by shifting gears early, offering imperceptible gear changes for the most comfortable ride imaginable. While increasing comfort, the lower revs also reduce the noise level. In addition, the 9G-TRONIC is also able to jump gears while downshifting, so you’re able to get quick and powerful acceleration. With an extended gear ratio, as well, your car is able to go very fast without a high engine speed, optimizing performance, comfort, and efficiency.

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