20th-century Mercedes-Benz factory

What does the Mercedes-Benz logo represent?

Mercedes-Benz Logo: It’s Meaning and History

Here at Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale, AZ, we’re proud to sell Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Mercedes-Benz, unlike any other company, can claim to be the first ever to make automobiles. And like all great companies, Mercedes-Benz has a storied history, full of innovation and triumph. But how did Mercedes-Benz come up with that classic logo? And moreover…

What does the Mercedes-Benz logo represent? Let show you want it means, straight from the source.

1926 MB logo

What the Mercedes-Benz Logo Means

The three-pointed star was officially trademarked in 1909. Each arm of the star represents a different aspect of Mercedes engineering: land, air, and sea operation.  The logo as we know it today—the three-pointed star inside a circle (pictured on the right)—was adopted in 1926 when Mercedes merged with long-time competitor Benz. The circle around the star was originally a laurel wreath, which has a long-standing history going back to the Greeks and Romans as a symbol of honor and victory.

The First Automobile in the World

In 1886, the Carl Benz applied for a patent for a “vehicle with gas engine operation,” dubbed in the original German as “Patent-Motorwagen.” Translated, it means “Patent Motor Car.”  It was noteworthy not only for being the first legally defined automobile, but also its independent construction. What that means is Carl Benz designed a vehicle from the ground up, instead of simply installing an engine an existing carriage.

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