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What kind of gas does a 2020 Mercedes-Benz take in Scottsdale, AZ?

Typically, you’ll want to use the premium unleaded gas in your 2020 Mercedes-Benz. While it may not hurt your Mercedes-Benz to take normal gas every so often, this definitely should not become the norm. So what else do you need to know? Let’s take a look.

Will it hurt my Mercedes-Benz to use normal instead of premium gas?

Person removing gas cap on white vehicleWhile the lower dollar amount of regular gas may look very inviting, you’ll want to steer clear of using it in your Mercedes-Benz. Since these models use a higher compression ratio, normal gas will definitely decrease the performance of your Mercedes. In the long run, using normal gas can also have a negative effect on the longevity of your engine. So, it’s rather important to know which octane level is recommended for your Mercedes model and stick with that.

Thankfully, this information is rather easy to get. If you already have your Mercedes-Benz, you simply need to get your owner’s manual out of your car and see what the recommended fluid levels are. However, if you don’t own a MB vehicle quite yet go ahead and check out the official Mercedes-Benz website, where you can find the owner’s manuals listed online.

Don’t have time for that? Not a problem! Contact your friendly Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable team member! They will be happy to tell you what your Mercedes needs to stay in its best condition.

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