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Why does your Mercedes-Benz engine stop at a stoplight?

What is Mercedes-Benz Eco Start and Stop?

Have you ever found yourself stopped at a stoplight or stuck in traffic in your Mercedes-Benz and noticed that your engine has also stopped? This may have seemed strange until you lifted your foot off the brake only to have the engine immediately hum back to life before you could even get your foot on the gas pedal. This is Eco Start and Stop at work. What is Mercedes-Benz Eco Start and Stop? We have answers for you. You can also check out our new Mercedes-Benz inventory in Scottsdale, AZ at Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale by clicking the link below.

Is Mercedes-Benz Eco Start and Stop good for the environment?

Eco Start and Stop certainly is a good feature for the environment. In fact, by some estimates, a vehicle equipped with an engine auto start and stop feature can use 8% less fuel during heavy traffic situations.  For most gas tanks, this is the equivalent of adding a whole extra gallon to the capacity, but in this case, it’s a whole gallon of gas that you are not using between fill-ups.

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Is auto engine start and stop bad for an engine?

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From an outside perspective, you may think that it could be bad for an engine to employ auto start and stop at least in terms of engine longevity. After all, a starter is just one more component that can fail, and relying on it more could wear it out faster. The same goes for an engine that is not used to being started and stopped.

What you have to remember here is that engines that use auto start and stop, and especially Mercedes-Benz engines with Eco Start and Stop, were designed with these features in mind from the start. This means more robust starters and engines that have no problems starting and stopping.

In fact, with mild-hybrid technology such as the integrated starter generators that many Mercedes-Benz models use, you get the benefit of an even more powerful starter motor that can also act as a generator and give your drivetrain more power overall. It’s a winning combination no matter which way you slice it.

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