2016 Mercedes-Benz SUV MPG Ratings

2016 Mercedes-Benz SUV EPA Fuel Economy Estimates

2016 Mercedes-Benz SUV MPG Ratings

Gas mileage is often one of the most important measurements when it comes to buying a new car. For many, a small change in fuel economy can be a tipping point between one car or another. Why then is it so hard to find gas mileage information? Here are the 2016 Mercedes-Benz SUV MPG ratings.

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2016 GLA

MPG City/Hwy
GLA250 25/35
GLA250 4MATIC 24/32
AMG GLA45 22/29

2016 GLC

GLC300 22/28
GLC300 4MATIC 21/28

2016 GLE

GLE300d 22/29
GLE350 18/24
GLE350 4MATIC 17/22
GLE400 4MATIC 18/22
AMG GLE63 13/17
AMG GLE63 S 13/17

2016 GL-Class

GL350 BlueTEC 19/26
GL450 4MATIC 17/21
GL550 4MATIC 13/18
AMG GL63 13/17

2016 G-Class

G550 13/14
AMG G63 12/14
AMG G65 11/13

Most Fuel Efficient Mercedes-Benz Sport-Utility Vehicle

The most fuel efficient Mercedes-Benz SUV for 2016 is the Mercedes-Benz GLA250. Even when compared to competing brands, the GLA offers excellent efficiency without sacrificing interior comfort. On the other end of the spectrum, the G-Class has the lowest efficiency measurement at 11 MPG in the city.

Largest Gas Tank

It comes as no surprise that the GL-Class has the largest gas tank, but it is somewhat surprising to find it is only .9 gallons larger than the new GLE. These large gas tanks may sound expensive but they can carry either of these SUVs for more than 500 miles in the right conditions.

Required Fuel for Mercedes-Benz

All Mercedes-Benz SUVs require premium gasoline for unleaded models and diesel fuel #2 or B5 biodiesel fuel for diesel models. The reason premium is required for all models is that Mercedes-Benz vehicles use high-performance engines, not just for power output, but also for efficiency. The engines have higher compression ratios, prompting a need for a more stable gasoline. Putting in regular unleaded gas could cause engine knock, so if you accidentally put the wrong fuel in, don’t be like this guy. Just top off your tank with premium as soon as you can.

Mercedes-Benz SUV EPA Estimates

If you have any questions about these 2016 Mercedes-Benz SUV MPG ratings, leave a comment below. We want to hear from you! What do you think is more important for an everyday driver; fuel economy or power?