Best places to find Pokemon in Scottsdale AZ

How to Find the Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Best places to find Pokemon in Scottsdale AZ

Pokemon are everywhere. They get into our gardens, hide on shelves in our garages, and they will even wait for you in the back seat of your car. But unless you want an army of Rattatas, you have to venture outside of your home into the unknown. Here are a few of the best places in Scottsdale AZ to find Pokemon.

Downtown Scottsdale

If you are low on Pokeballs or want to train your Pokemon at some of the toughest gyms in the area, downtown Scottsdale is the place to be. Here, you will find more fellow trainers than anywhere else in the city, and you are nearby tons of places to eat or shop in between battles.

Fashion Square Mall

Fashion Square Mall is another great place for Pokemon hunting because it is an outside walking mall. There are plenty of shaded areas to hang out in, things to eat, and you get to stay outside the whole time! It is also right across the street from our dealership, so you can kill two Pidgeys with one stone!

Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale

If you have never been inside our dealership, Pokemon is the perfect excuse to come check it out. Just let us know where the Pokemon is so we can catch it, too! We are the giant Mercedes-Benz dealership on North Scottsdale road and we have one of the largest showrooms in the state of Arizona, so don’t forget to watch for cars! Our campus is spread out over three levels and is surrounded by enormous windows, giving each one of our cars the light it deserves. If you have any questions about where to catch Pokemon in Scottsdale AZ, leave a comment below!