Most Fuel Efficient 2015 Mercedes-Benz Models

The Top Five Most Fuel Efficient 2015 Mercedes-Benz Models Available Now

Most Fuel Efficient 2015 Mercedes-Benz Models

Mercedes-Benz is known best for its luxury and performance. It has been at the top of the food chain since the beginning and it is not often that you hear someone talking about what the most fuel efficient 2015 Mercedes-Benz Models are. Maybe this is because people assume that high-end luxury and efficiency are antonymous. With this list, and a little help from Mercedes-Benz, we can prove that this is a false assumption.

Like any other company, Mercedes-Benz has models that are performance-based and they have models that are efficiency based. Efficiency, in this case, refers to both fuel savings and low pricing. The performance cars get all the attention in the Mercedes-Benz family because of how much they stand out in the small crowd of competitors. What people don’t realize, is these cars are also getting great gas mileage, especially considering how much power they put out. So get in one today just in time for the Fourth of July festivities. For the sake of consistency and affordability, the top five most fuel efficient 2015 Mercedes-Benz models listed here are the base trims of each model.

2015 GLK-Class

19 City/26 Hwy
The GLK has been replaced by the GLC for 2016, but since the GLC is lighter and has an Eco Dynamic Select driving program, it can be expected to have an even higher EPA rating. Not bad for a crossover, don’t you think?

Most Fuel Efficient 2015 Mercedes-Benz Models

2015 C-Class

25 City/34 Hwy
The C-Class is the perfect mix of everything Mercedes-Benz. It is fuel efficient, up-scale, and it starts at a fair price of $38,400.

2015 GLA-Class

25 City/35 Hwy
The 2015 GLA-Class has the specifications of a car with the spacious interior of an SUV. At only $31,300 starting MSRP, the GLA is likely to be the most inexpensive Mercedes-Benz you will find.

2015 CLA-Class

26 City/ 38 Hwy
$31,500 is all it takes to purchase a 2015 CLA-Class. It is not the quickest Mercedes-Benz out there, but it still loaded with the luxury that comes with a Mercedes-Benz. On a more important note, for being second on the most fuel efficient 2015 Mercedes-Benz models list, we think it is one of the best options in the lineup.

2015 E-Class

28 City/42 Hwy
The E-Class has everything. Well, everything but an affordable MSRP. It starts at $51,800 but it is worth every penny.

As you can see from the list of most fuel efficient 2015 Mercedes-Benz models, they range from mediocre to extremely excellent. It’s no wonder why Mercedes-Benz won three World Car Awards in 2015. Chances are good that a new Mercedes-Benz gets better gas mileage than the car you are driving now, so check out Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale to see all the models that get over 30 miles per gallon.