2020 MB GLS exterior front fascia parked on a sand dune

What is the 2020 Mercedes-Benz lineup for SUVs?

If you are looking for your future vehicle you may have already considered upgrading to a luxury SUV. After all, they have many of the same technology benefits of a luxury vehicle, with the space you need to haul gear around. 

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC vs GLE vs GLS

So far, there are 3 models for you to choose from:

  • 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC
  • 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE
  • 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS

If you are looking for a smaller SUV, you’ll probably want to go with the GLC. If you are searching for something larger, you can get the GLS. Need a happy middle? Go for the GLE!

Other than the size, there are a few differences between these vehicles. First off, both the GLC and the GLE have a Coupe styling option, whereas you’re stuck with the traditional SUV in the GLS. This may not come as a deterrent to many shoppers, but to those out there who want a luxury model that really stands out, you may want to go with the GLC or GLE.

The power differs from vehicle to vehicle, as does the model size. So, you shouldn’t be surprised to see more power in the GLS that you will in the GLE or the GLC.

The main things to take away is the fact that the higher model you go, the more power and space you’ll have. However, we can tell you many people here in Scottsdale are interested in the GLC and GLE. If you are looking for 3rd-row seating, you can actually find that as an optional feature in the new 2020 GLE.


2020 GLC

2020 MB GLE exterior front fascia and passenger side in front of castle

2020 GLE

2020 MB GLS exterior front fascia and driver side going downhill on a sand dune

2020 GLS

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New Mercedes-Benz SUV model updates!

Updates! The GLA is returning for 2020 with no upgrades. However, the all-new Mercedes-Benz GLB will arrive sometime late 2019. Check it out here!
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