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What makes the transmission in my car break?

Most people think of engine oil when it comes to something you need to keep an eye on. But did you know the transmission is just as important? Here’s what makes the transmission in your car break, and what you can do to help prevent this from happening.

Bad driving habits that can hurt the transmission in your car

  • Shifting when your vehicle isn’t stationary
  • Running low/out of transmission fluid
  • Using transmission fluid that isn’t meant for your car
  • Towing more than what your vehicle can handle
  • Not fixing problems when you first notice them
  • Accelerating and braking quickly
  • Not changing the transmission fluid when you are supposed to
  • Not allowing your vehicle to warm up before you drive it

These aren’t the only things that can kill your transmission, but they are common ones. Being mindful of these problems can go a long way to preventing the transmission from breaking prematurely. Basically, if you want to help your vehicle’s longevity don’t be too enthusiastic when you accelerate and brake, and make sure you are keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance.

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Can I still drive with a bad transmission?

You really shouldn’t drive with a bad transmission. It could exacerbate the problem and create an even more costly repair. If you think your transmission is going it’s best to take your car to a mechanic. Thankfully, you have access to one in Scottsdale.

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