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What tires should I put on my Mercedes-Benz vehicle?

Monsoon season is upon us, and harsh weather arrives right alongside it. One of the ways you can prepare your vehicle for this weather is to get new tires. So, what tires should you put on your Mercedes-Benz vehicle? Let’s check it out!

close up of a row of tires with dramatic lightingWhat are the different types of Mercedes-Benz vehicles?

Even if you already know about the Mercedes-Benz Original tires, there are still a variety of them to choose from. They are:

MO. These tires are the ‘normal’ tires in the Mercedes-Benz Original batch of tires.

MO1. Designed for AMG® vehicles, the Mercedes-Benz Original 1 tires give your drive an extra thrill and better traction.

MOE. Designed for longevity, the Mercedes-Benz Original Extended tires are capable of driving 50 more miles even when you get a flat.

MOS. For comfort and sophistication, the Mercedes-Benz Original Silent tires are designed for those who love to glide silently over the road.

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What makes Mercedes-Benz Original tires so special?

Unlike other brands, the Mercedes-Benz Original tires are designed specifically for the Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This means they enhance the performance of this popular European brand and fit exactly how they’re supposed to. Decide if you want enhanced traction for your AMG® vehicle, a quieter drive, or if you are just happy with functional tires designed specifically for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz Original tires tailor your preferences to you.

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