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What’s the Difference Between All Season, Summer and Winter Tires?

Having good tires is key to safe and efficient driving. While keeping an eye on your tires’ wear and pressure is crucial, making sure you have the correct tires for your driving conditions is also extremely important. You may have read there are different types of tires for different driving conditions. But which tires are best for your Mercedes-Benz? Keep reading to find out the differences between summer, winter and all season tires.

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Benefits of Summer Tires

  • Summer tires are great for those living in climates with hot and dry temperatures.
  • With a softer tread, summer tires provide great traction on wet or dry roads with high temperatures.
  • Summer tires provide increased speed and road-holding.
  • With less grooving, summer tires have increased braking capabilities.

Benefits of Winter Tires

  • Winter tires are great for those living in climates with a long and extreme winter.
  • Winter tires are designed to handle extreme weather, including temperatures and precipitation.
  • Designed for snow and ice, winter tires’ treads are designed to perform while driving on ice and snow.
  • With unique tread patterns, winter tires are designed to minimize snow build-up.
  • Winter tires offer are more responsive and flexible in extreme temperatures.

Benefits of All-Season Tires

  • All season tires are great for those living in a moderate climate.
  • All season tires are designed to perform in a variety of driving conditions including rain and light snow.
  • All season tires are designed to deliver a quiet and fuel efficient drive.
  • Not designed for extreme conditions, all season tires are designed to combine the best aspects of summer tires and the best aspects of winter tires.

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What Do the Numbers on the Side of My Tire Mean?

Rubber tires have come a long way since they were invented by Karl Benz in 1888, but even after 100 years, they are still the same old tires we know and love. This universal use of tires has made it much easier to find tires that will fit your car for summer, winter, or racing environments. Use this Mercedes-Benz tire size guide to learn what all those numbers mean on the walls of your tires.

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