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What is the Difference Between Premium and Regular Unleaded Fuel?

Gasoline is obviously pretty crucial to your vehicle. Without it, you’d be stranded. But did you know that the type of fuel you use can affect your vehicle’s performance? Whether you’re an owner of a Mercedes-Benz automobile, or you’re simply shopping for one, you may have noticed Mercedes-Benz vehicles require premium unleaded fuel when refueling. But why? Is it worth paying a few extra dollars every time you fill up your vehicle? Let’s take a closer look at the differences between premium unleaded and regular unleaded fuel, and why your Mercedes-Benz will benefit from premium unleaded fuel.

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What is the Difference Between Premium and Regular Unleaded Fuel?

Ever wondered what those numbers next to the pump mean? 87? 91? What’s the difference? Well, those numbers refer to a gasoline’s octane rating. Basically, the higher the octane rating, the better the fuel will burn during the combustion process. Premium unleaded fuel (91 and 93 octane) burns better than regular unleaded fuel (87 or 89 octane), and will help prevent engine “pinging” or “knocking.” High octane premium fuel is more expensive than low octane regular unleaded fuel.

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Why Does My Mercedes-Benz Require Premium Unleaded Fuel?

Mercedes-Benz recommends only premium unleaded fuel be used in their vehicles. Because Mercedes-Benz automobiles have a high compression engine that causes higher pre-ignition temperatures designed for a higher-octane fuel. Using lower octane fuels than recommended can cause “knocking” or “pinging” within the engine, and will likely result in decreased fuel efficiency.

Premium fuel is expensive, but so is your car. You paid a lot of money for a luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicle, and the best way to keep it running at its top form is to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you accidentally fill your car with regular unleaded rather than premium unleaded, don’t worry, it will not destroy your engine, but prolonged use will have an effect on your car’s performance.

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