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Where can I find the recommended tire pressure for my car?

Figuring out how much tire pressure you should have your car’s tires at can be a bit trickier than most realize. That’s why we are going to figure out where you can find the recommended tire pressure for your car, and other trips to keep your tires healthy.

person filling tires with airShould I fill my tires to the maximum tire pressure?

You can find the recommended tire pressure of your car on the inside of your vehicle’s door. Usually, it is on the driver’s side. While you can find the maximum tire pressure on the tire itself, it’s not a good idea to fill your tires to the maximum tire pressure. Not only will it decrease the handling of your car, but since your tires heat up due to the friction of the road when you drive, you’re actually going to go over the max tire pressure. This decreases the longevity of your tires and, in the long run, can be more expensive, since you’ll have to replace your tires more frequently.

How to reduce the wear and tear of car tires

There are ways to reduce the wear and tear of your car’s tires. This isn’t just making sure the tires are filled properly. You can take other rather simple actions, such as not speeding up too fast, not slamming on the brakes, and using the right tires for the season. Checking the air pressure in your tire often is another way to increase the longevity of your vehicle as well.

One of the most important things you can do is to pay attention to the tread of your car and replace the tires when needed. While you might not want to spend money at the time you notice the tread is too low, it can be dangerous to not do so. Braking will take longer, and you can get flat tires more easily. The last thing anyone wants to happen on the highway is to get a flat tire.

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