What is the difference between a sport utility vehicle and a crossover vehicle

CUV vs SUV. Which Witch is Which and Why?

What is the difference between a sport utility vehicle and a crossover vehicle?

As new trends and technologies take hold on the automotive industry, words like crossover, 4-door coupe, and SUV coupe become common vernacular, but what do they mean? The difference between a sport-utility vehicle and a crossover vehicle seem to fall into a gray area of opinion and argumentation.

Sport Utility Vehicle

The sport-utility vehicle has roots that stem back to World War II. Military jeeps, like the ones still in use today, come equipped with four-wheel drive and a higher ground clearance than a normal car. These are the two main distinctions that make an SUV an SUV. It must be more capable of maneuvering off-road terrain and provide utility where standard cars can’t, especially in emergency situations.

Crossover Vehicle

The crossover, sometimes abbreviated to the CUV for crossover-utility vehicle, is a bridge between the a midsize car and an SUV. The term crossover is more vague than SUV because there are many designs that can fit in between a car and an SUV. For Mercedes-Benz, the GLC Coupe and GLE Coupe fit into this category without a doubt. The tricky part is that other vehicles like the GLA and the GLE could also fit into this category, depending on who is talking.

Crossover Performance

The appeal to a crossover vehicle is that more efficiency and mobility can be achieved with only a minimal sacrifice of comfort and cargo. Crossover vehicles typically come with an all-wheel drive option, but do not come standard, as many crossover vehicles have no business leaving the road or even the garage in inclement weather. If you have any questions about what the difference is between a sport-utility vehicle and a crossover vehicle, leave a comment below or come to Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale to have a look for yourself!