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How Big is Your Gas Tank and How Far Will It Take You?

2016 Mercedes-Benz SUV Gas Tank Sizes


Whether you are planning on using your Mercedes-Benz as a cross-country vacation wagon or a cross-town commuter, one of the biggest selling points of an automobile is gas mileage. It is an important part of planning because, hey, fuel isn’t free. What are the numbers really telling us? Here is a complete list of 2016 Mercedes-Benz SUV gas tank sizes

One thing that is often overlooked in the fuel efficiency category is gas tank size. If you have a small gas tank, you might not be able to travel very far on a full tank even if you get great gas mileage. To determine how far a specific SUV can travel with a full tank of gas, follow the link to Mercedes-Benz SUV fuel economy ratings. There, you will find MPG estimates for each specific model and trim.


Important Notes


  • All Mercedes-Benz SUVs require premium unleaded gasoline, excluding diesel models.
  • Maximum distance estimates are based on highway MPG ratings of most efficient trim for each model.
  • Cost to fill is based on the 2015 national averages of $2.84 cents per gallon for premium unleaded and $3.81 for diesel.
  • Prices are averaged to nearest cent.


2016 GLA 


Tank Size 13.2 Gallons
Max Distance 462 Miles
Cost to Fill $37.49
Miles Per Dollar 12.32 Miles


2016 GLC 


Tank Size 17.4 Gallons
Max Distance 487.2 Miles
Cost to Fill $49.42
Miles Per Dollar 9.86 Miles

Cost to fill Mercedes-Benz gas tank

2016 GLE 


Tank Size 24.6 Gallons
Max Distance 713.4 Miles
Cost to Fill $94.46
Miles Per Dollar 7.55 Miles


2016 GL-Class 


Tank Size 26.4 Gallons
Max Distance 686.4 Miles
Cost to Fill $101.38
Miles Per Dollar 6.77 Miles


2016 G-Class


Tank Size 25.4 Gallons
Max Distance 355.6 Miles
Cost to Fill $72.14
Miles Per Dollar 4.93 Miles


Which Mercedes-Benz SUV has the largest gas tank?


It comes as no surprise that the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class has the largest gas tank in the lineup. It is the biggest vehicle currently offered by Mercedes-Benz and consequently has the lowest MPG rating.


Which Mercedes-Benz SUV can travel the furthest on a full tank of gas?


Within the Mercedes-Benz lineup, the SUV that can travel the furthest on one full tank of gas is the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE300d. At 713.4 miles, you could make it almost halfway across the country without stopping, which is actually kind of creepy, but an accomplishment nonetheless.
how far can you drive in a g-class on a full tank of gas?

Most Fuel Efficient Mercedes-Benz SUV


The 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 is the most fuel efficient Mercedes-Benz SUV. It is the cheapest to fill up and it travels further for every dollar spent. The only downside to it is it’s small gas tank. Ironically, with the GLA, you will spend more time at gas stations but you will save the most money. Additionally, the benefit of the diesel engine is non-existent at the current market prices. Now leave a comment!