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2019 MB G-Class exterior birds eye view of vehicle crossing bridge

Should you get a Mercedes-Benz or BMW luxury vehicle near North Scottsdale, AZ?

It seems like an age-old question; should you get a Mercedes-Benz or BMW vehicle? We aren’t going to say one brand is better than the other, because they both produce quality vehicles. However, there might be some instances where you may want to choose one brand over the other here near North Scottsdale, AZ. That’s why it might come in handy for you to check out some comparisons about the individual models. But first, let’s take a look at some general info about the models of both brands. Read the rest of this entry >>

highway with lots of cars

Driving etiquette: what road rules do people often forget?

Don’t turn! Okay, now you can go. Phew, that could have been a disaster. Maybe it’s time to brush up on some of that driving etiquette you may have forgotten since you’ve taken drivers ed. Take a look at some of the rules of the road that many people have either forgot about, or don’t necessarily follow, and what you may want to do about it. Read the rest of this entry >>

display model mercedes-benz 300 SLR "Uhlenhaut-Coupe"

Mercedes-Benz Highlights Their Most Luxurious Models in “Best of Benz” Video

Mercedes-Benz has a long history of making some of the best-performing and iconic vehicles. Whether its small and fast cabriolets or rugged off-road wagons, Mercedes-Benz models have a diverse history of excellence. It’s not just performance that makes Mercedes-Benz a legend, though. Take a look at some of the most amazing Mercedes-Benz models ever produced to see why luxury is what makes Mercedes-Benz iconic.
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mercedes-benz e-class cabriolet being filmed

Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Justice League’ with Mercedes-Benz

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a high-budget movie? Movies based on comic books and superheroes require an amazing amount of time and talent to make everything look amazing on screen. The futuristic and high-tech world of superheroes also requires a bit of innovation and imagination when it comes to their ride. Take a look at how Mercedes-Benz helped to bring these comic book supercars to life in the ‘Justice League.’

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mercedes-benz justice league warner bros movie new

Watch New Footage From “Justice League” in New Mercedes-Benz Campaign

One of the most anticipated films of the summer is “Justice League,” and the only way to get a sneak peak before it premieres on November 17 is to check out the new campaign from Mercedes-Benz. The new Justice League film from Warner Bros. features some pretty impressive and innovative Mercedes-Benz models. Take a look at the first ad from the Justice League, along with a “Making of” video!

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