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Do EVs need oil changes?

Electric Vehicles and Oil Changes

Here at Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale, AZ, we’re really excited for the new Mercedes-Benz EQ models that set to hit sales lots around the country within the next year. They represent a thrilling new step forward for automotive technology. But as with any change in technology, there are a lot of questions that stem from that change. For instance:

Do EVs need oil changes? The answer might not be what you expected. Let’s take a closer look.

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Electric Vehicles Don’t Need Oil

Unless employing a range extender, an electric vehicle does not use motor oil during operation, so it doesn’t need oil changes. Similarly, electric vehicles also don’t require air filters, fuel filters, exhaust systems, a catalytic converter, a radiator, or spark plugs. All of these common internal combustion parts require consistent upkeep or replacement, adding a lot of cost to multi-year ownership, especially at higher mileages. Additionally, warranties for most electric vehicle powertrains last between 8 to 10 years, usually with a 100,000-mile limit.

Do Electric Vehicles Make Noise?

Since electric vehicles don’t propel themselves via thousands of tiny, contained explosions, it makes very little noise during operation. The only component of an electric vehicle that generates loud sounds are the tires. While this quietness is certainly nice in many respects, it actively posed a safety risk before a solution was found. Until around 30 mph, EVs are almost completely silent. This used to be a safety risk for pedestrians, since they couldn’t hear the vehicle coming. The solution was to simply put speakers outside the car to broadcast “engine noise” until the vehicle passes a speed threshold. This feature, or a similar one, is now legally mandated in most places.

What is the Mercedes-Benz EQB?

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